Togga Leaf®

The most aromatic and flavorful tobacco leaf

Best Fronto Leaf

TOGGA LEAF® is a unique all natural tobacco leaf. Free of major rips or holes, dark, aromatic and flavorful.

TOGGA LEAF® offers the best silky and premium quality natural tobacco leaf carefully selected from the best tobacco crops harvested in Dominican Republic. Our tobacco wrapping leaf is perfect for enhancing and strength-ening the smoking experience, ensuring at the same time a smooth and slow burning.

Aromatic and Flavorful

Freshness Guaranteed

100% Natural

Freshness guaranteed

When you open our TOGGA LEAF pouches you instantly feel freshness from our premium tobacco leaves, therefore you never will get a dried tobacco leaf. 100% Freshness guaranteed so forget about being spraying water anymore.


Easily wrap your natural tobacco cigar with TOGGA LEAF due to its great stretching also its natural oil helps to stick very well.

Best Smoking Experience

When smoking with TOGGA LEAF you really feel how our premium tobacco leaves enhance and strengthen your cigar wraps, giving you a smooth and slow burning smoking experience that you will always enjoy.

100% Natural

With TOGGA LEAF you always get natural and silky premium leaves carefully selected from the finest tobacco.


In case you are not fully in love yet with Togga Leaf.

These images show the essence of Togga Leaf, a premium Caribbean tobbaco leaf ready to give you the best smoking experience.

About Us


TABACALERA TORRES GARCIA, S.R.L. is an experienced Dominican Re-public premium cigar manufacturer with more than 20 years in the Tobacco Industry working with leading products of all kind: premium cigars, whole leaf, leaf wraps and woods types just to name a few.

In 2018 TABACALERA TORRES GARCIA, S.R.L. started their innovative project TOGGA LEAF®, and launched their tobacco whole leaf into the United States in march 2019.

TOGGA LEAF® focus on introducing in the US market, for the first time in history of natural tobacco wraps, a totally different seed from which if properly harvested can develop the darkest and stronger tobacco as well as aromatic and flavorful.

TOGGA LEAF® now is a proprietary registered brand from TABACALERA TORRES GARCIA, S.R.L. and is enjoyed in many major cities within the United States for its unique natural tobacco flavor, also been the darkest and stronger tobacco leaf in the market.


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